ZB Software Membership


STEP 1: Setting up your Wallet

Click on the icons below for video tutorials on how to install and set up the spendable wallet of your choice.

Safepal for Android & iPhone

Metamask for PC, Android & iPhone

Trust Wallet for Android

STEP 2: How to make a contribution in Zeus’ Bounty Smart Contract Program?*

*NOTE: Some of the screen shots that you see in these videos may be different than what is currently in our DAPP due to enhancements since the videos were done, but the basic steps are the same.

Using Safepal

Using Metamask

Using Trust

Various Funding Options for your Metamask Wallet

Although Metamask is the most confusing to get funded with your BEP20 coin, it is the easiest to use once it’s funded. Below are a few different ways you can fund your Metamask wallet to get started with your Zeus’ Bounty Smart Contract Membership,

Buying Ethereum in Metamask and swapping for BEP20 using SimpleSwap

Buying BNB in crypto.com and transferring to Metamask to make your Zeus contribution.

How to Add Trust Wallet to Metamask on your PC

“Syncing” your Trust Wallet to Metamask so you can see your ZB Smart Contract dashboard on your PC – Dan, Founder

Adding BNB to Metamask

In order to use Metamask with ZB there are a few things you need to do. This tutorial will walk you through adding the right network to your Metamask account.

Recovering your mnemonic phrase

NEVER give your mnemonic phrase to ANYONE! However, if you’ve forgotten, or lost it, this tutorial wil show you where to locate it – Vic, Co-Founder

Zeus Academy Profile (your .com site)

Update your Zeus Academy (zeusesbounty.com) profile page so that new affiliates that sign up on there know how to get in touch with you.

Zeus Bounty Smart Contract Membership Dashboard

Video tutorial on how to read your Zeus’ Bounty Smart Contract Membership Dashboard as of 1.16.22

Retroactive Commissions in ZB Smart Contract Program

Live demonstration of retroactive commisions when you are a member of Zeus’ Bounty Smart Contract Program.