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Learn, Save, Earn

Learn for free at The Zeus Academy. Save HUNDREDS in monthly fees with your Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership, and Earn with our unique opportunity plan.

Our programs are designed to help individuals, small businesses, and large companies grow more effectively and efficiently.

The Zeus Academy

The Zeus Academy is our FREE program that allows you access to over $2500 worth of various training courses. If you are new to marketing, or want to freshen up your knowledge, this is a good place to start and doesn’t cost anything. Learn More

Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Program

Instead of paying a monthly fee for platforms or software that you currently use for marketing (or would like to use, but don’t want to spend the monthly fees on), this membership is for you. Learn More

The Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Opportunity Program

When you become a member of the Zeus’ Bounty Software Membership Program, you are able to share our membership with others and receive affiliate commissions. Learn More

Zeus’ Bounty™ Charity of the Month Program

When you become a member of the Zeus’ Bounty Software Membership Program, not only do you get access to all our first tier paid software as part of your membership, not only do you have the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions, but you also get to participate in giving back to those in need. Learn More


New to Marketing? Need to freshen up your skills?

The Zeus Academy is the place to start. From here you will be able to take FREE courses. If you are wanting to become a member of the Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Program, you will also find all tutorials on how to get started, marketing options, approved creatives, and the Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Opportunity compensation plan. The Zeus Academy is always being updated with more tools and content, so check back often. Ready to give crypto a try? Our recommendation is to take the first course on Intro to Cryptocurrency. The Zeus Academy is a great place to get free training, as well as be able to offer this free training to your own list. If you are an avid marketer, you understand the money is in the list and offering value to your subscribers. The Zeus Academy can also be used to help you build your subscription list and grow your pool of leads with your own affiliate link to share.



A Smart Contract with a PURPOSE!

ALL Businesses Need Tools To Operate

Our software development team works closely with researching software that is in demand and poses a financial barrier to most businesses. They work to bring these softwares to all Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Members with no recurring monthly fees.

Are you paying $100, $200, $500 a month or more for software to run your business? Have you wanted to use the most popular software tools but can’t afford it?

Small business owners, large corporations, coaches, teachers, marketers, or even those who wish to start their own business, all have software tools that are useful to operating a successful business. Those software come with a price, and sometimes it’s quite hefty each and every month.
By making your initial contribution to the Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Program, your membership will provide you with first tier PAID versions of all current software that has launched as well as any future software** with no recurring monthly out of pocket fees. (Currently valued at over $700/mo).

Zeus’ Bounty™ is changing how business owners, marketers, coaches, teachers, and many more are saving money every single month.

The Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Membership Program is executed on a smart contract built on a DAPP (Decentralized Application) around the Binance Coin (BNB). For a one-time* contribution as low as .1BNB, this registers you as a Member of our Software Program. As part of this membership, all members are also given an upline and downline of up to 20 members total who have joined before and after them to have the opportunity to potentially receive their membership contribution back, and quite possibly earn a little too.

Your initial contribution dictates the amount of time you have access to the software suite, however, the way this program was designed will also allow you to naturally extend your access without requiring you to come out of pocket for extending that access.

*An annual membership fee of .2BNB will apply on the anniversary of your original registration. **Premium, Enterprise, or Specialty software/upgrades will be available to all members at up to a 50% discount.

Current Live Software




*Referring other members is NOT a requirement in order to utilize your software membership.

Start your membership TODAY!
All Zeus’ Bounty™ Software Members will be able to share our membership program with others.

A perfected smart contract affiliate program where you are rewarded in REAL TIME!

There is an incalculable number of companies, small businesses, network marketers, coaches, etc. that use the software that is included in our membership. Zeus’ Bounty offers an affiliate program for those that wish to share our membership with others. Members who choose to share the Zeus’ Bounty Software Membership with others are actively in control of their own profits. Our commission compensation plan is both a global straightline as well as a 10 level deep Family Tree, and is executed on the block chain as a smart contract that has been Audited for Security and transparent for all transactions that have taken place to the public. Start your membership TODAY!


Zeus’ Bounty believes in giving back. If you are a member of the Zeus’ Bounty Software Membership Program, upon withdrawal from your Zeus wallet, you will have the option to donate 1% to a vetted charity of the month. When do this, Zeus will MATCH it with another 1%. This is such a small amount individually, but such a huge impact collectively.

Please check out our Charity of the Month tab above to read about our current Charity of the Month, upcoming Charities, and previous Charities along with the amount of money raised by the Zeus Community and donated to these charity.

Our very first Charity of the Month was K9s for Warriors in January 2022 where we were able to raise $7000 for this amazing cause.

Thank you to all those that share in our mission in giving back!

Frequently asked questions

To see all our FAQ’s, Knowledge Base articles, and submit a support ticket, please register an account at

When someone registers for The Zeus Academy via your academy affiliate link, you should receive an email notifying you. This email will also include the name and email address that they registered with. You can also check by logging into your member area at

Your initial contribution is your membership fee and is non-refundable. You can earn rewards to potentially recoup your membership fee by the given members, and through referral commissions.

Log in to your member area at You’ll see a section labeled “Affiliate Status & Downline”. Just click on the “Access Content” button and scroll down to “Personally Sponsored Affiliates Info” to see the details of all your Academy referrals.

Yes. You can find the knowledge base and FAQ’s for ZBSuite at:

A smart contract, like any contract, establishes the terms of an agreement. But unlike a traditional contract, a smart contract’s terms are executed as code running on a blockchain like Ethereum. Smart contracts allow developers to build apps that take advantage of blockchain security, reliability, and accessibility while offering sophisticated peer-to-peer functionality — everything from loans and insurance to logistics and gaming. And because they run on a blockchain, they offer security, reliability, and borderless accessibility. Once deployed onto a blockchain, smart contracts generally can’t be altered, even by their creator. This helps ensure that they can’t be censored or shut down.

You can get started for as low as .1 BNB Please make sure to check with your sponsor on the steps to become a member.

All members have the opportunity to share our software membership program with anyone. There is no limit on the amount you can earn with unlimited width of your Family Tree (uni-level) going 10 levels deep. You can also view the full compensation plan HERE