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Intro to cryptocurrency

Zeus' Bounty is a way to earn while you learn.

We are changing the way business is done.

Instead of paying a monthly fee for platforms or software that is used for
marketing purposes, you can join Zeus, make money and access the tools and training for free.

We are creating a symbiotic relationship between customer and company.

The Zeus community at large is one of giving and paying it forward. There are already so many perks and reasons to join and those reasons will only grow in volume and value.

Zeus' Bounty is a Global straight line and a 10 level deep unilevel
program all in one.

It runs on a DAPP using Trust, Metamask or Safepal Wallets It is verified on
the block chain as a smart contract and it is immutable. Meaning it cannot
be changed EVER!

Each member will receive a duplicate company website that explains and demonstrates our program. All referrals will first create an account from your affiliate page. This makes it easy to share and everyone knows how it works and what to expect.

Along with the company website and back office you will have access to a tool chest of marketing materials to share with others. Social media training and general education. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Every member who joins will get an immediate upline and a downline of the next people who join. The amount of up and downline you receive will based on your contribution level.

You will earn 2.5 % from your up and downlines actions on the Zeus' Bounty platform.

You will receive between 10 and 20 total up and downline based on your contribution level.

You may add to your original contribution at any time to increase your up and downlines. As your
contribution level increases through the automatic reinvestment on withdrawals you will receive
additional up and downline to reflect your contribution level.

Personal referrals Unilevel Breakdown

100% of all contributions goes to the members.

50% to the up and downline and 50% to the family tree.

Automatic reinvestment levels

Air drops / Stimulators

Founders Air drops

14% of company profits are shared with the original 100 founders. This bonus is paid in real time and will be added to your wallets every time a withdrawal is made.

Co-Founder air drops

10.5% of profits to the 150 co-cofounders

Top Referrers Air drops

of withdrawal fees = 14% of the company's profits will be shared with the top 30 referrers every week. Must have at least 2 new referrals in the previous week to qualify.

(Each share here is estimated at over 1K a month)

1 BNB starting airdrop

7% of profits go to those who start at 1 BNB each week.

New Member Airdrop

3.5% of companies' profits go into a pool for all new members that week regardless of entry level. Air drop happens Sunday at midnight.

10 BNB starting Air drops

7% of profits go in a bonus pool for all new members that week who start with 10 BNB.

Active member Air drops

7% of profits go into a bonus pool for all members who ticked their weekly check in box each week for the month.

Random BNB Air Drops

Once the company reaches 5000 BNB in total contributions we will give away up to 5 BNB each week split randomly to 50 members each 50 get .1 BNB.

When it reaches 10000 in contributions, we give away up to 7.5 BNB a week to 75 random members. Each receive .1 BNB.

40,000 in contributions and we give up to 25 BNB each week split between 250 members

100,000 BNB in contributions and we give away up to 50 BNB a week to 500 members, each receive .1 BNB

To qualify you have had to at least opened your app once a week for that month. We have a little check box in there that you need to tick 4 times per month/once per week.

We have reminders pop up on your and your downlines phones, to remind them to check their wallets, tick the box to qualify for the bonus pool


Upon withdrawal you will have an option to donate an extra 1% to charity and when you do Zeus will match it with another 1%


We will ensure everyone on Zeus' Bounty is active with our dynamic compression model. Any member who does not check in by ticking the check in box for 3 consecutive weeks will have their accounts moved out of the global money line and their accounts will be set aside. All other members will compress up to fill the empty spaces. When the account holder returns, they will have the option of making a final withdrawal at their current reinvestment level or re-entering the global money line at any of the 5 levels.

If everyone is active, everyone is making money with Zeus' Bounty.

Zeus' Bounty will thrive for years to come because of our stimulation bonus pools. We can last for years with no new money coming in.

If that wasn't enough you also get access to exclusive trainings in your members area. We will teach you how to use Facebook You tube , Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter to explode this and any other business you are in.